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Teacher - Westminster High School
Dr. Justin Davis is this issue’s Staff Spotlight. He brings extensive experience with leadership and instruction that has touched the lives of many students over the years. Most recently, he has served as the theater arts teacher/director while continuing his role as a lead teacher trainer who trains our WPS workforce in cooperative learning. Most recently, he became an official trainer with Kagan Cooperative Learning which brings dynamic and engaging lesson plan strategies into the classroom to boost student academic achievement. Dr. Davis’ positive approach resonates throughout the district in every classroom from Pre-K to Level 12. Additionally, Dr. Davis serves as the Creative Arts Coordinator for the district and has worked tirelessly to support arts advocacy through external partnerships.
TKP Teacher Jen De Bie writes, “Justin is a great supporter of all the arts across the board and can see the valuable impact they have on students, schools, and community. He is approachable and willing to find funding and resources to support us as teachers so that we can bring out the best in our students.”
CTE Administrator Lottie Wilson raves about Dr. Davis. “Justin is a calming presence with a solution-focused mindset,” she states. “ He is innovative in his thinking. He is super passionate about all he does, and he is an incredible leader at all levels.”
Years in WPS: 12 years
Favorite Food: I can be sweet, but I am secretly salty. I enjoy tortilla chips and other salt-laden snacks!
Favorite Activity: I love working with other theatre artists as a performer and director. I also enjoy jogging for my physical health, writing, and playing video games. I am also a bit of a horror and sci-fi/fantasy nerd.
What I am listening to right now: I am always listening to different types of music, because my taste in music is dependent on my mood. Right now, M83 (“Outro”) is on repeat!
Superpower I wish I had: Just one? I wish I had the power to allow people to see the absolute best in themselves. With a wave of a hand, I would say, “Believe in yourself.” And they would.
If I could make the world a better place in one way: Beyond solving world hunger and homelessness, I would ensure that everyone had dedicated time to explore and express their inherent creativity through the arts. I believe in a world that values creativity and diverse perspectives.
What has Westminster Public Schools meant to you? Westminster Public Schools has meant home and family to me. I live in the district, my children have come to district schools, and some of the best people I have ever known work here. I believe that our approach to competency-based learning is the future of education – I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. Who inspires me in WPS (staff, parent, or student): I am inspired daily by the people I am blessed to work with. From students to parents to staff, I have many heroes. My creative arts colleagues throughout the district are super inspiring, as are the amazing leaders and administrators who help support arts and competency-based education. I also immensely appreciate our custodians, our bus drivers, and those in operations who strive to maintain our safety and comfort. I couldn’t possibly list everyone here, but I am exceptionally grateful to our WPS staff and community for all that they do.